In order to facilitate model railroad purchases, and to help promote organizations and their products, we offer a dedicated Show Specials area. Each Show Special consists of a banner which has a link to a related webpage or email address. These Show Specials can be used to promote a variety of items. Some examples of potential promotions include:

  • ABC brand locomotive regularly $199.95 show only price $149.95 – Fred’s Hobby Shop –
  • 10% off any purchase use discount code show special at
  • Looking for hard to find items visit
  • Looking to sell your collection email me for the best price
  • Ride the Denver & Western scenic railwayspecial show discount using coupon show WGH at
  • The Wheaton Model Railroad Club is looking for members visit our website or visit us at 123 N Main in Wheaton,IL.

These show banners are low-risk, low-cost promotion. The pricing is based on the number of people who click your banner or the amount of revenue the banner generates, whichever is less.

The fee is 5% of gross sales processed during the event OR 50 cents per click, whichever is less, with a minimum of $5 per Show Special listing. Documented sales figures must be submitted within 5 days following the close of the show or else the fee will be calculated and invoiced based on the number of clicks.

For nonprofit organizations we will provide a 20% discount and a reduced minimum of $4.00.

The lesser of 50 cents per click or 5% of sales is a great rate for these highly qualified prospects. There is very little risk: if you sell nothing, you just pay the minimum of $5.00. If you sell $200 worth of merchandise from the ad you pay no more than $10 and if you sold that $200 worth of merchandise with only 15 people clicking your banner, your cost would be only $7.50 (15 clicks x 50 cents each). Remember it is the lower amount of 5% of sales or 50 cents a click. Don’t miss out on this great deal and complete the form on this page today to get your Show Special listed.

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