There are many ways you can participate in the World’s Greatest Hobby Online show. Our various options make it easy and affordable for you to reach thousands of present and future model railroaders in a single day. 

The most robust way to participate is with a Virtual Booth. A Virtual Booth is very much like a physical booth at a train show. Your customers can see you live, you can show them products, and they can communicate with you. You can even set up to sell product if you like. Virtual Booths can be appropriate for manufacturers, dealers, and nonprofit organizations. For more information on Virtual Booths please click the button below:

Exhibit Booths

If your company has unique expertise you want to share, you may want to consider giving a presentation in one of our education rooms. The educational presentations are designed to be either live or prerecorded, with a question-and-answer session at the end of the presentation. We are interested in presentations for newcomers to the hobby as well as presentations for experienced model railroaders. Manufacturers, nonprofit clubs and organizations, individuals, and dealers are all appropriate presenters and there is no charge for presenters. For more information on presenting at the show please click the button below:

Present Seminar

Would you like to sell at the show for little or no cost? If so, our Show Special is for you. Our Show Special is a banner display in our Show Special area. This banner can link to your website, email address, or just promote your product and phone number. The special should be a product-specific banner that highlights a special show discount. This can be used by dealers, manufacturers, nonprofits or individuals. The cost of being seen by thousands is as low as $5.00 if you order by March 31, 2021.  If you are interested in purchasing a Show Special banner, please click the button below:

Show Specials

Do you have a model railroad you would like to show off to thousands across the country? You can join our Model Railroad Video Tour contest. This is a no-cost option. It is designed for individuals or model railroad clubs that want to share their model railroad with the world. You can get more information and apply by clicking the button below:

Layout Tour

Don’t see the right way for you to participation the show? No problem - just email us at or call us at 224-500-4159 and we will work with you to customize your participation.

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The images show above are prototype images and do not represent specific exhibitors, topics, items or clubs