We are looking for quality educational offerings for both novice and experienced model railroaders. There are a limited number of education rooms and time slots. There is no cost to providing a presentation.

Presentations can be pre-recorded or can be presented live. At the end of each presentation, we will open a chat box so that the audience can ask questions. The questions can either be answered via live video or can be answered via the chat. We are asking that education sessions be a maximum of 25 minutes with a 10-minute question-and-answer session at the end of the presentation.

We anticipate that during the show there will generally be two concurrent education seminars being presented. If you would like to present a seminar, please fill out the form below.

In addition to the educational seminars, there may be one or two keynote presentation slots available. These keynotes are designed to reach the maximum audience as there are very limited other activities occurring during the keynotes. These are architected to be thought perspectives from industry leaders. The keynotes are planned to be 15 minutes in duration and do not feature an interactive component. The sponsorship fee for a keynote address is $1,995.00. If you are interested in presenting a keynote, please e-mail us at exhibit@wgh.events.

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