We invite you to join our Layout Tour. It is easy to participate. Just complete the form and send us a video tour of your model railroad.  The top 12 videos will be selected to be in the show. Show attendees will be allowed to vote for their favorite model railroad on the tour and the winning layout will receive a prize of $250.00.

The selection of the top 12 videos will be based upon:

  • The quality of the video (i.e. resolution, clarity, continuity)
  • The quality of the model railroad
  • The story telling (i.e. narration or music) of the video
  • The uniqueness of the model railroad (we are looking for diversity in the model railroads, different scales, different eras, and different perspectives)
  • The timeliness of submissions - the earlier you submit your form and video, the better your chances of acceptance. All videos must be submitted no later than 3/31/2021.

To unmute sound hover over the video and click the 5 vertical bars on the control bar

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