Virtual booths are the heart of the virtual train show, just as exhibitor booths are the heart of train shows.  Attendees will be able to review the booths from a show floor page and select which show booths they wish to visit in whatever order they desire. Attendees can spend as much or as little time as they would like in each booth.

As a virtual booth exhibitor, you are in complete control of the content of your booth. Your booth could be as simple as a static brochure, or as complex as a live multiple camera interactive presentation. We have designed the show to be flexible to your needs

Our standard booth offering includes the following:
  • Logo and text to personalize booth
  • Up to three pre-recorded videos
  • Up to two live video windows w/ chat function or feedback form
  • Link to merchandising site
  • One Show Special listing for merchandising
  • Featured in pre-show email flyer sent to attendees
We will set up your virtual booth for you, all you need to do is provide the following:
  • Your logo and whatever text you want used to customize your booth
  • The videos you want set up to play in your booth
  • If you want to have live video, you need to tell us how many cameras you want to stream
  • Your web site or other links you would like to have available in your booth
  • If you would like to list a Show Special, the information for that special

If you wish to use live video during the show you will need a computer with camera, or a cell phone, and an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to support live video. We will send you minimum specs and recommended devices. We will provide the broadcast software for you. We have selected a software vendor that allows for both a remarkably simple and easy to use broadcast, as well as options for more complex broadcasting. We will work with you on all of this to ensure you are comfortable with the show infrastructure. In most cases we think setting up your virtual booth will be less work than setting up a physical booth at a train show.  

Virtual booths can be used by manufacturers, dealers, and even nonprofit organizations who want the greatest options in reaching our thousands of attendees.

 We will be using our e-mail contact list of over 500,000 past train show attendees to promote this event as well as social media advertising and extensive public relations. Initially we are limiting registration to 10,000 people until we have fully tested our virtual show infrastructure for volume. We believe attendance of 10,000 is a reasonable objective given the huge number of past show attendees.

Our booth pricing which includes sponsorship of the show is priced to be affordable to every size company. We want everyone to be able to attend. Standard booth pricing is:

There are some optional items you may be interested in ordering:

We want your participation, and we don’t want price to stand in your way. If this is not affordable for your organization contact us at and we will try to work with you to find a solution for your needs. 

If you have questions about exhibiting feel free to contact us at We know this is a new experience for many exhibitors and we want to make you feel comfortable with exhibiting at the show. Once you sign up, we have addition technical information and suggestions on how to make the most of your booth we will send you.

Please use the form on this page to purchase your booth.

The additional sponsors are just for sample purposes and do not represent companies currently registered for the show.

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Booth pricing is $295 for small companies, $595 for mid-size companies, and $1,195 for large companies. The booth includes logo and text, up to three pre-recorded videos, up to two live video streams with chat, e-commerce link, Show Special listing in e-commerce section, and listing in the pre-show flyer emailed to attendees.

Booth Add-ons

Additional pre-recorded videos ($95 each)
Additional live video windows with chat or feedback function ($495 each)
Marquee level booth placement on show floor page ($195)
15-minute keynote presentation ($1,995)
Contact info for show attendees following event ($995)
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